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Frankfort, Kentucky, Utility Will Use Fiber Manager for Fiber Optic Network

Frankfort Plant Board (FPB) in Kentucky has chosen Telvent Miner & Miner’s Fiber Manager application to help manage its fiber optic network within its current ArcFM-based enterprise GIS. FPB has been using ArcFM to support the maintenance of its electric and water distribution system and elected to expand it to include support for its fiber optic system.

The Frankfort Plant Board was created in 1943 as a municipal utility to provide low-cost electric and water service to the citizens of Frankfort and Franklin County. FPB is also a total home solution resource for cable TV, local telephone, high-speed Internet and more.

Telvent Miner & Miner (TM&M) has worked with the FPB Cable/Telecommunications Engineering Division to implement the Fiber Manager application to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the ArcFM solution software. With these new tools, FPB will better manage its existing fiber optic network at the fiber and port level, decrease outage times, analyze the system with advanced tracing tools as well as quickly design new fiber routes with fiber-level connectivity tools. The new system will have one to two data editors, three to four system analysts, and up to 40 consumers of the data within the enterprise GIS.

Bobby Ripy of the Cable/Telecommunications Engineering Division, said, “The ArcFM Solution and the Fiber Manager application have helped Frankfort Plant Board develop a GIS based fiber mapping system that has the fiber availability and location bundled into one program. This will increase work order efficiency and decrease outage times in the field. A great deal of our success is due to the hard work of TM&M’s implementation team. They have worked hard to assure a timely delivery of this fiber solution.”

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