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Florida Utility to Use Multispeak-Compliant Facilities Management

Reedy Creek Improvement District has decided to implement ArcFM as the solution for facilities management of its electric network. Reedy Creek encompasses 25,000 acres in the heart of Central Florida and is the home of Walt Disney World. The District provides electric, water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and natural gas services to its customers. Reedy Creek currently uses a legacy system combination based on CAD and ESRI shapefiles for electric network management. Reedy Creek opted to move to ArcFM because it recognized migration to a modern, off-the-shelf utility product would improve operations. The Multispeak-compliant solution offers the utility an economical approach since the application comes pre-configured with some basic services for data conversion, training, and deployment.

The project will also include a Network Adapter interface with Advantica's SynerGEE. The integration will allow all data updates to occur within the GIS and then be passed into the electric analysis application. This convenient exchange of information will speed up productivity by eliminating the redundant work of data maintenance.

Miner & Miner, a Telvent company, is currently assisting with the data conversion process and is partnering with Advantica to complete the SynerGEE interface. Reedy Creek is projected to go into production with their new solution in August 2006.

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