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Exelon to Feature Apogee Energy Audit Application on Website

Exelon Energy is equipping its commercial and industrial customers with an online energy audit tool from APOGEE Interactive, Inc. The Web-based energy application helps customers evaluate their facility's energy use and find ways to reduce their energy footprint, carbon impact and energy costs.

Businesses across Exelon Energy's four-state service area (Illinois, Michigan Ohio, and Pennsylvania) can access a simple but powerful energy analysis calculator from virtually any page on the company's website (www.exelonenergy.com). Easy drop-down menus walk the business through key characteristics about its facility, equipment and operating patterns. Within seconds the customer can view a comprehensive analysis of estimated energy use, recommended savings actions and carbon improvements. Exelon Energy offers a variety of standard energy product options (Fixed and Indexed) to help customers achieve their needs along with environmentally friendly options.

Apogee's highly sophisticated energy modeling and algorithms behind the online calculator are the secret to its level of accuracy even with minimal input from the customer. It simulates the energy characteristics of multiple business categories - from convenience stores to major operating centers. For Exelon Energy customers, the calculator is also customized with Exelon Energy's rates and weather data from four key zones (Chicago, Detroit, Columbus OH, and Philadelphia) - giving the business a clearer picture of their energy situation.

Exelon Energy also requested Apogee incorporate an analysis of carbon impact for each facility as well - a growing area of interest as the nation's energy policy evolves. Exelon Energy is among the first retail energy marketers to provide this tool to their competitive service areas and customers.

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