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EPB to Implement Intergraph's G/Technology

EPB, a provider of electric power and communications in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has chosen Intergraph’s G/Technology to streamline operations in the organization’s Electric System and Telecom divisions. EPB personnel will use the Intergraph solution to support field crews in locating facilities during a storm or power outage, connecting and disconnecting electric meter centers, designing street lighting and sizing transformers for the particular needs of commercial and industrial customers.

In addition, G/Technology’s open database supports EPB’s goal of fully integrating its strategic systems, which will boost analytical and reporting capabilities. For example, crews can search more than 135,000 poles by geography, pole number, customer name and address--saving the field crew time associated with locating jobs and freeing them to focus on other tasks.

“By implementing Intergraph’s G/Technology solution in our Telecom Division, we can better track our fiber optic investment and plan for future growth,” said Hal Dickey, manager, EPB Telecom Network Operations. “The Intergraph solution enables us to view a complete picture of an outage or incident and trace our fiber optic circuit from the fiber directly to the customer. This will be a significant advantage as we extend our broadband capabilities. We are looking forward to integrating the solution with other critical applications at EPB.”

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