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E.ON Group to Standardize Organization-Wide Security & Compliance Technology

Industrial Defender has been selected by E.ON, one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies, as the exclusive provider of security and compliance technology for the company’s automation infrastructure.

“As E.ON Group developed a strategy for increasing security across its automation environments, it became clear that standardizing across our organization would benefit the company, both at the corporate- and site-levels,” said Rita Lenander, chief information security officer at E.ON. “By partnering with Industrial Defender, we’re providing our businesses access to a comprehensive set of integrated security technologies designed specifically for industrial control systems.”

Through this partnership, E.ON will use Industrial Defender’s integrated Protect technology solution at more than 40 sites to deliver a defense in depth approach.

By leveraging Industrial Defender’s Protect solution, E.ON’s critical assets will be able to more easily comply with various national and European Union-wide rules regulating critical infrastructure. Industrial Defender and E.ON partnered to create specific bundles appropriate for various sites depending upon the asset’s criticality to the business.

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