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E.ON Deploys SAS Sales Management Program

E.ON has deployed SAS in its Italian operation to strengthen energy sales management and prepare commercial offers. The new system is intended to complement one already used by E.ON to manage energy sales

The SAS software establishes an integrated portfolio with all customer consumption, pricing, billing and control data. To support the complex analysis required for energy pricing, SAS obtains real-time data regarding energy cost and available supply, then compares it to trends of customer consumption to arrive at a “best offer.” Real-time reporting allows rapid analysis of portfolio and product development, as well as better integration with E.ON headquarters.

“Previously, we were able to estimate a client’s consumption, but with the new system, each change and adjustment can now be calculated before the energy is actually supplied. This instrument, useful both before and after supply, is particularly beneficial in years like this, with significant changes in consumption trends,” said Marco Rocco, E.ON director of supply and pricing.

The system, based on SAS for Sustainability Management, was designed to closely follow an offer’s life cycle and ensure that it would be handled in a supervised manner.

“With SAS for Sustainability Management we trust the data we use to give customers better offers,” said Alessandro Cugno Garrano, senior IT manager of E.ON. “Access to data is given to a small number of people, and at the same time, the reporting is flexible. Data can be used in an intuitive way to improve business proposals and identify market trends.”

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