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ENOSERV Vector Software Adds Multiprotocol Enhancement

ENOSERV has announced a new enhancement for its ENOSERV Vector, an end-to-end relay testing software. This new option allows users to drive not only the Doble 6000 and Omnicron Series but now the Doble 2000 Series Test Set Models as well.

Without ENOSERV software, users are limited to software packages that are bundled with the test set hardware. These packages, although effective, are typically hard to use and not well supported. ENOSERV Vector effectively simulates complex operations with definable events that technicians can easily see. Any characteristic can be drawn quickly and fault simulation data from other sources, such as Aspen, RIO and SS1 files can be easily imported.

Vector allows technicians to easily verify the entire protection scheme by simulating multiple fault conditions over satellite synchronized, end-to-end testing. This saves time when dealing with NERC compliance issues.

ENOSERV Vector enhances the end-to-end relay testing process and can integrate with RTS and PowerBase.

Highlights of Vector include:

  • Ability to draw mho circles, lines, quadrilaterals, tomatoes, lenses, or any User-defined characteristic.
  • Ability to automatically test on any point inside or outside the specified range of operation.
  • Manual manipulation of test sets. Simple click-and-drag operation for voltages, currents, and phase angles.
  • Built-in FastFault calculator and all cells can be either values or formulas for easily determining fault states. Now Settings can drive even fault testing.
  • Ability for Vector test results and settings to be stored in ENOSERV PowerBase for sharing relay testing results system-wide for NERC reporting.
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