EnergyIP Adds Equipment Load Management and Grid Data Vault Applications

eMeter has launched the newest applications, Equipment Load Management and Grid Data Vault, which are both available on its flagship EnergyIP grid application platform. An application-centric approach makes it easier and faster for utilities to use energy consumption data to address business needs and specifically in Europe to hit 2020 renewable energy targets.

Advanced metering at full scale is essential to utilities as they realign their business processes to hit mandatory renewable energy targets. Utilities worldwide need to act swiftly and decisively with their enterprise framework to adhere to regulatory demands and position themselves for future growth. EnergyIP is platform that enables utilities to scale from 10k to 50 million meters and capture meter data that can be acted on, reducing business risk and giving the flexibility to respond to changing regulation via rules based configuration tools.

EnergyIP has a history of addressing ease of deployment to help utilities manage consumption data and supports a wide range of other applications, from settlements, asset optimization, demand response, and customer engagement. The latest in the EnergyIP application suite, Equipment Load Management (ELM) provides insights into transformers, preventing outages and accidents thereby increasing customer satisfaction although not limited to transformers.

Grid Data Vault (GDV) offers data archiving software designed to help utilities cost-effectively manage data growth while enabling data accessibility reducing costs and meeting archiving regulations. Siemens continues to expand on its existing suite of applications seamlessly supported on the EnergyIP smart grid platform.

By lowering the overall cost to scale up, utilities can add more meters or applications to meet their business needs. The business advantages provided by deploying state-of-the-art applications on a proven platform are tangible for both the top and bottom line. EnergyIP supports a high volume of data processing, making it a faster, easier and more flexible platform with advance applications to address unique areas of operational needs while lowering overall total cost of ownership.

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