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Energy Marketers to Use EC Infosystems in Expanding Operations

Four energy marketers, each beginning operations in a new state, have selected EC Infosystems for the GISB/NAESB-compliant EDI software they need to reduce time to market, speed transactions, improve customer service and reduce costs.

The companies opting for EC Infosystems include American PowerNet, beginning operations in Illinois; Ambridge Energy, entering Texas; Titan Gas, entering New York; and Wasatch Energy, entering the California Core market.

Formerly Intelsys, EC Infosystems adopted its new name in November 2006 after experiencing rapid growth and adopting a focus on developing a new generation of electronic commerce products and services for the energy industry.

"Success in entering a new territory involves making a good impression on customers immediately and steadily gaining marketshare," said David R. Butsack, vice president, logistics and analysis at American PowerNet. "In starting up our operations in Illinois, we feel the processing solutions from EC Infosystems will give us an edge."

"As new energy marketers in Texas, we'll need to process transactions like customer enrollment, historical usage, meter readings and many others quickly and seamlessly," said Michael J. Burke, director of Ambridge Energy. "By outsourcing our transaction processing to EC Infosystems, we're assured of state-of-the-art software and high customer satisfaction."

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