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Energy Data Management Platform Tested by IBM

Enoro and IBM have jointly executed a series of tests to measure the scalability and performance of Enoro’s GENERIS platform. The GENERIS platform provides standard solutions for all core energy business processes, including smart meter data management, meter asset management, device events and control, production and emissions management, balance settlement and management, contract and portfolio management, billing, and e-services, for all commodities and market roles. The tests took place at the IBM test center in Montpellier, France at the end of 2013.

The benchmark comprised four test cases: meter data import, settlement calculation, time series data export, and B2B message generation in market-specific formats. Each test case was run on several server configurations so that scalability characteristics could be measured. Even using a simple hard­ware configuration, all tests were completed successfully in just over three hours, reaching through­put of over 10,000,000 meter data values per second in the settlement calculation test. The results show that the complete daily MDM and settlement process – from first meter data import to final market message export – requires less than eight hours, leaving an energy company with 10 million end customers sufficient time for finalizing daily processes during regular business hours.

The performance and scalability tests prove that Enoro’s GENERIS platform runs efficiently with the IBM zEnterprise architecture on Linux. The tests were run using an IBM zBC12 server with only 2 or 4 CPUs (Linux on IFLs) as a database server. The test configurations also included 1 to 6 IBM applica­tion servers generating the load, each having 8 to 32 CPU cores on the Microsoft Windows platform.

The GENERIS platform’s ability to handle 10 million metering points and more proves its operational capacity for processing huge amounts of data, making GENERIS a sound platform for Big Data manage­ment in energy companies. This brings Enoro’s customers significant business benefits and streng­th­ens their position in the smart energy ecosystem of the future. 


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