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eMeter Technology Enables Time-of-Use Billing and Remote Service Orders for Houston Retail Electric Providers

eMeter has announced the successful deployment of its EnergyIP meter data management (MDM) systems as a foundational component of the Advanced Metering System (AMS) program of CenterPoint Energy’s electric transmission and distribution subsidiary, CenterPoint Houston Electric, LLC. Through this program, CenterPoint Energy has deployed 45,000 smart meters in its service territory and expects to install a total of 145,000 smart meters this year, with a plan to roll out more than 2 million meters by 2014.

eMeter’s Energy IP software provides a platform that enables competitive Retail Electric Providers (REPs) in CenterPoint Energy’s electric service territory to offer innovative pricing models and services such as time-of-use pricing. The system also facilitates the remote reading, connection and disconnection of electric meters.

eMeter’s unique EnergyIP advanced data management architecture will enable CenterPoint Energy to provide REPs with remote meter readings on demand as well as access to electric usage data in 15-minute intervals through a web site portal.

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