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ElectraLink Selects eMeter to Power UK National Smart Meter Data Service

ElectraLink Ltd has chosen eMeter’s EnergyIP software as the core of its new Smart Meter Data Service that will extend its capabilities to support energy retailers, networks and agents throughout the UK in the new smart era. ElectraLink currently provides the UK’s interoperability layer for traditional meter data and will use EnergyIP to extend its capabilities to smart meter systems. This will enable the exchange of dual fuel smart meter data used to drive critical business processes such as registration, installation, settlements, billing and customer operations.

EnergyIP will process smart meter interval data as well as events such as new customer registrations, and communicate them in real-time or as needed to UK market participants. This enables higher levels of customer service for fundamental operations such as customer service requests, connection/disconnection and billing. EnergyIP’s unique, agile software architecture enables it to be the single platform for linking smart meter suppliers and grid technologies with energy retailers and network operators business information systems.

The UK is a competitive energy market with robust competition between retailers with frequent customer switching, combined electricity and gas competition, and now, evolving government regulations leading to a new era of smart metering. The UK government is committed to completing smart meter deployment by 2020; however, the specific implementing regulations are still under development, creating a requirement for an adaptable solution that will meet changing regulatory conditions.

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