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El Paso Electric Goes into Production with ArcFM Solution

El Paso Electric in Texas has gone into production with Telvent Miner & Miner's ArcFM Solution, including ArcFM, Network Adapter, Conduit Manager, and Designer products. El Paso Electric generates and distributes electricity through an interconnected system to approximately 344,000 customers in the Rio Grande Valley in west Texas and southern New Mexico.

During the summer of 2004, El Paso Electric selected ESRI ArcGIS technology along with the ArcFM Solution. It has recently deployed 10 seats of ArcFM to support basic mapping and 50 seats of Designer to support the design process. It has also integrated Designer with Logica's STORMS product to facilitate the workflow and leverage the cost engine and material inventory and scheduling. Other integrations include CIS and to Milsoft's Windmil network analysis software.

The utility benefits from improved efficiencies for the design team, including removal of double entry of data, better material scheduling and warehouse inventory as well as standardization of the design process. El Paso made use of several custom autoupdaters to support the business rules as well as creation of composite favorites and templates to improve productivity.

Richard Swartz, El Paso Electric's director of distribution design and delivery said, “We are very excited about our new software implementation. This combination of software, ArcGIS, ArcFM, Designer, and Storms, will greatly improve our efficiency and will enable us to be more productive at developing and maintaining our distribution system. These tools will help us meet or exceed the demands of our growing customer base.”

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