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EDSA Selects Tadpole Technology to Interface its Embedded Power Flow, Short-Circuit Analysis Engines with ESRI’s ArcGIS

EDSA Micro Corporation (EDSA), San Diego, California, has selected the Geospatial Solutions Division of Tadpole Technology to provide services for the integration of its Power Flow and Short Circuit analysis engines with ESRI’s ArcGIS software.

The integration, performed by Tadpole Technology under contract by EDSA, allows the EDSA simulation engines to communicate directly with ArcGIS to perform power flow and short circuit analysis, as well as populate the GIS with the calculated results. A key feature of the integration is support for various power system components such as generators, capacitors/inductors, transformers, switches/fuses, cable/overhead lines and substations lines.

As a result of the integration, EDSA will soon release and make available its ArcGIS interface to EDSA’s 3-Phase Power Flow and Short Circuit analysis.

The EDSA Advanced Power Flow engine is a software tool designed to determine system voltages and power flows. The EDSA Advanced Short Circuit engine is used to calculate different types of fault currents given system impedances, loads and generations.

The EDSA GIS interface stores the analysis results in a geodatabase, allowing standard ArcMap tools to be used to inspect the results graphically and in tabular form.

"With the integration of these products, organizations can integrate engineering analysis with GIS thus leveraging investments in technology," said Adib Nasle, president, EDSA.

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