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EDF Energy Uses Diskeeper Software for Server

Diskeeper Corp. Europe has released a new case study outlining EDF Energy Networks’ reasons for choosing Diskeeper software to enhance its systems’ performance and reliability.

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies. It provides power to a quarter of the UK’s population via electricity distribution networks in London, the South East and the East of England.

EDF Energy Networks chose Diskeeper software to enhance server performance, therefore ensuring that its system architecture runs smoothly.

Matthew Bates, applications operations manager, comments: “A particular instance that prompted the purchase of Diskeeper was a reporting server with low disk drive space and no scheduled defragmentation of the internal disks. Its performance was degrading at a high rate over a short period of time.”

Realising the need to keep its system defragmented at all times, Bates decided to test and install Diskeeper on its networks. Speaking about the improvements noticed, he states: “Our servers are faster and more reliable with Diskeeper. Consequently, our service to our customers greatly improved.”

“A particular feature that I find most useful in Diskeeper is the ability to defragment automatically in the background - the set-up can be very granular and flexible. It operates using only idle resources and does not conflict with the performance of the server whilst it is defragmenting," Bates said.

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