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EcoPinion Consumer Survey Points to More Consumer Engagement Enabled by Smart Grid

EcoAlign has released the findings of a consumer survey examining consumer perceptions and attitudes in regard to smart grid. One thousand Americans nationwide responded to the survey conducted in April 2011.

“American awareness of smart grid remains low,” stated Jamie Wimberly, CEO of EcoAlign. “Yet, consumers like the concept of smart grid and believe smart grid will benefit them personally. Moreover, consumers seem much more receptive to and would welcome higher levels of engagement with their electricity suppliers.”

The top line findings from EcoPinion No. 12 include:

  • Customer awareness has barely budged over the past year, with 35 percent of Americans being aware of the phrase “smart grid” in 2011 compared to 31 percent in 2010.
  • When asked how appealing the ability to review their personal energy consumption data was along with new options enabled by smart grid, 56 percent of Americans found this prospect to be “extremely appealing” or “very appealing.”
  • 56 percent of Americans believe smart grid will either “greatly improve” or “improve” the customer experience and customer service.
  • Consumers in 2011 were extremely concerned or very concerned about the potential for rising utility bills – 78 percent in 2011 as compared to 74 percent in 2010.
  • In terms of attitudes towards their personal energy consumption, the most frequently chosen statement was “I am most concerned with saving money on my utility bill” (43 percent).

“Smart grid is expected to be both transformative and disruptive,” stated Anto Budiardjo, president and CEO of Clasma Events. “The transformation – namely, leveraging real-time energy consumption data – will only be successful if utilities and energy suppliers embrace engagement in all its facets with consumers.”

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