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Echelon Enhances Networked Energy Services Software

Echelon Corp. has announced Networked Energy Services (NES) system-wide enhancements including a new generation of current-transformer meter, enterprise smart metering network operating system software, downloadable smart meter enhancements, and updated system tools.

The NES advanced smart grid infrastructure consists of a family of integrated, advanced electronic electricity meters accessed via a Web services-based network operating system over an IP networking infrastructure. The NES system embeds intelligence into the grid itself, which provides utilities with information about the topology of their network when building a smart grid. The NES system provides utilities with a service-enabling platform that includes information about the status, operation and health of the grid.

Enhancements cover key hardware and software products across the NES System. Product highlights include:

  • NES CT Meter
    • Integral to the smart grid, the CT (current transformer) meters help utilities identify theft at the distribution transformer by monitoring the overall usage for comparison to individual metering sites on the transformer. The CT meter also provides the ability to measure electricity at residences and commercial sites using higher currents than serviced by direct-connected meters. The new generation IEC CT meter has an optional expansion port. Partners within the NES ecosystem can provide applications and network extensions via the expansion port either at the time of the initial smart meter installation, or anytime thereafter.
  • NES Smart Meter Firmware
    • The new meter firmware enables meters to provide load profiling for heat meters, water meters, and gas meters connected to NES meters via M-bus per DIN 13757 – allowing utilities to accurately profile usage from these devices and institute flexible pricing based on consumption.
  • NES System Software
    • The NES System Software provides a web services based network operating system for the smart grid. It works in harmony with the data concentrator and smart NES meters to deliver next-generation smart grid services. Enhancements to the system software include those for increased overall performance and reliability, more efficient messaging for higher scalability to support millions of meters with daily data collection.
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