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Echelon Automation Networks Now Have Wonderware Support

Echelon Corp. and Munich Software have announced the integration of Echelon’s new i.LON SmartServer into the Wonderware Application Server, a component of the newly released Wonderware System Platform 3.0 software. Munich Software has developed an interface that enables the two control automation products to work together and reduce the time and cost to deploy smart networks for automation and energy management applications.

System Platform 3.0 software from Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, provides a single platform for all the SCADA, supervisory HMI, and production and performance management needs of industrial automation personnel. It provides a common integrated industrial application services platform that runs on top of virtually any existing IT and business system. Echelon’s i.LON SmartServer is used as a remote access gateway and system controller to monitor and manage a control system or individual products. When the two products are integrated, SCADA and supervisory applications created with Wonderware software can be enhanced with data from the control network, enabling energy savings, increased safety, and reduced operations costs. The i.LON SmartServer can also serve as an IP interface to LonWorks networks, ModBus digital I/O devices, pulse meters, M-Bus equipment, and legacy control systems.

Echelon’s i.LON SmartServer is commonly used in commercial, retail and industrial facility management and monitored streetlight systems and can act as a complete network management solution that can install, configure, and manage networks through a powerful web interface. The integration developed by Munich Software features i.LON SmartServer application objects enabling direct configuration of the i.LON SmartServer in the Wonderware supervisory system. It also provides real time data access of any client through the open industry standard OPC.

The MSP i.LON Smart Server A2 integration package from Munich Software optimizes the development process of supervisory applications for use with the i.LON SmartServer. It supports installation and remote deployment, and enables users to leverage the wide range of features of the Wonderware System Platform 3.0 software, and has an industrial services oriented architecture that provides a common object model for application development, software and device connectivity, information and data management as well as system management and extensibility services. The i.LON Smart Server A2 integration package will be available in the first quarter of 2008.

The i.LON SmartServer will be available in December, 2007.

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