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Echelon Announces System-Wide Enhancements to Smart Grid Infrastructure

Echelon Corp. has announced new products and a series of enhancements to its Networked Energy Services (NES) System, a widely deployed, next-generation smart grid platform used by utilities worldwide.

The NES advanced metering infrastructure consists of a family of highly integrated, advanced electronic electricity meters accessed via a Web services-based network operating system over an IP networking infrastructure. Much more than a simple AMI system focused on billing related services, the NES System provides utilities with a wealth of information about the status, operation and health of the grid that enables them to reduce operating costs while increasing service quality.

The new ANSI IP meter, system software, Element Manager and other enhancements represent a step forward for the metering infrastructure that supports the smart gird. Along with system-wide enhancements that increase the capabilities, flexibility, scalability, reliability, and intelligence of the NES System, Echelon is also expanding its ecosystem with new developer programs open to suppliers and partners.

According to Erik Nordgren, head of Vattenfall Distribution Nordic’s AMR Project, “Our NES System implementation is successful by all metrics, and system operation and performance have been excellent. We reviewed multiple systems based on a number of technologies; the NES System has consistently delivered the highest performance.”

Enhancements cover key hardware and software products across the NES System. Highlights include:

  • Software
    • New NES Element Manager, powerful networking software designed to reduce the lifecycle costs and improve the efficiency of installing, maintaining, and managing smart grid deployments.
    • Increased performance and scalability to support millions of meters with daily data collection in NES System Software 4.
  • Data Concentrators
    • New automation software that speeds the management of low-voltage distribution networks.
    • New Ethernet interface to any IP-based WAN whether wired or wireless.
  • Smart Meters
    • New IP enabled meters that combine the functionality of an NES Smart Meter and NES Data Concentrator.
    • New ANSI residential meters with enhanced power quality and load profiling capability.
  • Ecosystem
    • Expanded the NES Developers Program to include Meter Accessory solutions for in-premise devices or network extensions, e.g., monitoring heat or gas meters, in-home display.
    • New WAN Card Development Program for wide-area network integration with the new generation of NES Smart IP Meters to the NES Developers Program.
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