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Echelon and Onzo To Develop Consumer Touchpoints for NES System

Echelon Corp. and Onzo Ltd. have announced a collaboration to develop consumer displays for Echelon’s Networked Energy Services System. Onzo has signed an agreement to become a value-added developer for the NES System. The UK plans to require all households to have smart meters by 2020.

Planned collaboration will build on Onzo’s expertise in developing in-home displays, intelligent energy analysis software and consumer orientated web portals. This will enable consumers to monitor energy consumption in real time, facilitating energy-use behavior change to benefit both the consumer and utility.

Echelon recently announced new products and a series of enhancements to its NES System. The newest generation of Echelon’s smart meters includes a Multipurpose Expansion Port (MEP) interface that can enable companies like Onzo to develop extensions to the NES System, making the grid smarter and helping create a dialogue between the consumer and the grid.

Joel Hagan, CEO of Onzo, said, “This development agreement will enable Onzo to provide utilities that choose Echelon’s NES System with solutions that match today's sophisticated consumer demands, allowing them to offer friendly yet powerful interfaces for energy monitoring and management. Echelon provides a unique architecture based on open standards, which enables the extension of basic AMR functionality to a rich application portfolio and offers capabilities to go beyond the meter."

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