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EarthData Passes ISO Audit for GIS

EarthData International's Solutions Division recently passed its first ISO 9001:2000 quality systems surveillance audit for the design, development, and production of spatial data, mapping, and geographic information systems technologies and services. Adherence to the internationally recognized quality management standard requires repeatable documented processes and continual systems improvements.

"Simply put, achieving and maintaining this certification has enabled us to provide better customer service," said Martin Roche, general manager of EarthData's Solutions Division. "While GIS projects are highly individualized, we've designed processes that ensure every contract requirement is met for each and every project. We also document feedback from customers and partners to facilitate improvements that will benefit future work."

The surveillance audit was performed by NQA-USA as follow-up to the original site registration granted in November 2006. EarthData's Administration, Aviation, and Mapping Divisions also hold this prestigious quality systems registration.

EarthData's Solutions Division is located in Orlando, Florida, and supports the EarthData group with a full range of GIS services, including project consulting, geodatabase design, application development, web-based solutions, and spatial analyses. The division also develops highly accurate 2D and 3D city models that can be linked to various information databases for affordable visualization and analysis tools supporting a wide range of activities. EarthData has performed large GIS projects throughout Florida including those for the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County, and Florida Power & Light.

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