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DSM Program Management System Offers Economic Analytics, Forecasting

Nexant has released a major upgrade of its TrakSmart solution that puts demand side management program administrators in the driver’s seat by reducing program planning and implementation time and costs; expediting enrollment while increasing customer satisfaction; providing real-time visibility and manageability for program implementation; and ensuring regulatory compliance and comprehensive reporting.

The new release further expands TrakSmart’s capabilities by adding DSM economic analytics and DSM forecasting features, as well as customer survey, measure eligibility, and automated customer letter generation features. It also enables program administrators to easily manage batch payments and conduct random audits.

TrakSmart is deployed and widely used by public and private utilities whose service territories cover 25 U.S. states and Canadian provinces and who manage programs offered to more than 26 million utility customers. It enables administrators to easily and efficiently manage portfolios of DSM programs through their entire planning, implementation, and reporting lifecycles.

With TrakSmart, DSM program managers, trade partners, service providers, customers, and regulators have full and secure internet access to authorized data via a standard web browser. TrakSmart automates the complete workflow process—from planning and implementation to evaluation. In addition, it gives utilities the ability to accurately report on how their DSM programs are conserving energy and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

TrakSmart not only replaces legacy DSM program management systems, it can also be deployed to launch and manage startup programs—either onsite or as a hosted service. In addition, it supports the full range of business processes and the tracking cost/benefit performance indicators related to energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, low-income weatherization, outreach education, or any other DSM-related program.

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