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Dominion Web Site Now Features Energy-Savings Calculator

Dominion customers looking for ways to increase energy efficiency in their homes and businesses have a handy new tool at their disposal -- an energy calculator installed on the company's Web site, www.dom.com, to help them find out how much energy they are using and explore ways to save energy and money.

"This user-friendly tool allows customers to identify areas in their homes or businesses where they can make energy-efficient improvements," said Robert Burnette, director - Energy Conservation. "The energy calculators help customers understand their specific energy use so they can compare and analyze their bills and find ways to save energy and money."

The energy calculator allows customers to create a profile of their current household energy use, calculate the energy used by various household appliances and discover ways to make better energy decisions by reducing consumption and improving energy efficiency. It includes an energy-smart library, with detailed information about topics including weatherization, heating, cooling, lighting, water heating and food storage.

In addition to the information entered by each user for their specific application, the calculator is programmed with Dominion's current rates and adjusts by ZIP code for regional weather patterns.

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