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Dominion Commissions Comverge for Demand Response Pilot Program

Dominion Resources, Inc. has selected Comverge to run a pilot residential demand response program. The pilot will be deployed at Dominion Virginia Power, a subsidiary of DRI.

Dominion will deploy smart programmable communicating thermostats (PCT's) and intelligent load control switches. The pilot will operate through this summer, and will include Comverge demand response equipment in approximately 2000 homes.

Comverge's demand response solutions allow electric utilities to respond to rising peak loads by enabling them to reduce energy usage at critical times. For this program, Comverge's load management system will send a communication signal to the demand response devices installed at the home to cycle air conditioners. Additionally, the program allows participating residents to program and control the temperature setting of their home thermostats using the Internet.

Dominion will deploy the regulatory-approved pilot in three major metropolitan regions of Virginia-Northern Virginia, Richmond and the Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Tidewater area.

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