Distribution System Operations Solution Helps Utilities Move to Smart Grid

Ventyx has announced a solution that will help utilities to effectively integrate the fast-growing number of renewable and distributed energy resources around the world into their grids in order to sustainably balance supply and demand. The Ventyx Distribution System Operations Solution is being developed with strategic input and testing by E.ON, which supports more than 26 million customers in 30 countries.

According to the International Energy Agency, global demand energy could increase by as much as 35 percent by 2035. Given nearly 60 to 70 percent of energy loss occurs in the distribution system, global utilities are feeling a growing sense of urgency to improve the efficiency of distribution networks, while also integrating more renewable energy sources into the grid.

“The next generation in smart grid distribution system operations must be able to handle unprecedented operational demands to meet customers always-on expectations,” said Peter Sigenstam, vice president and head of E.ON Innovation Centre Distribution. “We have already begun implementing Ventyx’s software solutions to support our next-generation smart grid initiative at E.ON, and anticipate we’ll be operational by early 2014 for initial testing and development.”

The Ventyx Distribution System Operations Solution builds on a strategic research and development initiative between E.ON, ABB and Ventyx to define next-generation smart grid IT solutions. The new solution will offer global utilities a best-practices model that can help ensure greater operational efficiency in the face of increasingly complex power networks worldwide – helping them to meet rising energy demands, increase renewable generation and provide consumers with the tools to make smart energy choices. 

The Ventyx Distribution System Operations Solution integrates and optimizes the value of distributed generation and demand response assets in a smart grid. It can help utilities move from a grid that requires reactive processes and disjointed manual interventions to a holistic and self-healing interconnected grid. The comprehensive solution enables the transformation of the entire distribution system operations process, and features robust SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), DMS (distribution management system), voltage optimization and demand response management capabilities.

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