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Digital Map Products Partners with iFactor to Bring Parcel Boundary Data to Utilities

Digital Map Products has recently partnered with iFactor Consulting to offer the utility industry seamless access to nationwide parcel data through its Web Maps Connector product. As an authorized reseller of DMP’s ParcelStream web service, iFactor makes it easy for GE Smallworld users to leverage parcel boundaries for improved efficiency and decisions in areas such as right of way management and transmission corridor planning.

The utility industry increasingly uses GIS technology and parcel boundary data to improve customer service, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements. iFactor’s Web Maps Connector product makes it easy to integrate geospatial data and aerial imagery into existing Smallworld-based applications by employing leading web services such as ParcelStream. With Web Maps Connector and ParcelStream utility users can easily add a parcel boundary layer, retrieve detailed parcel information and access related data sets.

“The integration of ParcelStream with Web Maps Connector allows Smallworld users to increase the value of their data, reduce maintenance costs, and even leverage the investment in Smallworld with additional users in the enterprise,” said Brad Sileo, vice president of business development at iFactor Consulting. “This new offering with Digital Map Products helps us continue to expand our solution as we work to help utilities get out of the landbase data maintenance business.”

Digital Map Products has one of the largest parcel boundary data collections in the United States, with over 110 million parcels covering virtually all cities population 100,000 or greater. ParcelStream bundles access to this nationwide parcel boundary data with mapping display technologies so software developers and integrators can easily incorporate parcels into their applications. Through Digital Map Products’ partner program companies can harness DMP’s leading spatial technology and data to enhance their offerings and generate new revenue opportunities.

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