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Digi Enhances Siemens Smart Grid Metering Product by Giving Customers Real-Time Usage Information

Siemens AG is using Digi X-Grid Solutions to enhance its smart metering product with a web-based energy consumption and management platform for consumers. The Digi X-Grid is an “Extended Grid” that enables real-time, IP-based monitoring and control of home energy devices beyond the electric meter.

Smart Siemens Automated Metering and Information System (AMIS) meters are now connected to the iDigi Device Cloud via the Digi ConnectPort X Wireless M-Bus gateway, creating an IP-based solution that will deliver precise energy usage information and meter visualization to the end-user. This enhanced energy service offering for utilities can be further augmented by the integration of ZigBee connectivity, which would support both remote customer monitoring and control of Smart Energy thermostats and other energy management devices.

Existing Siemens AMIS installations can be upgraded with the energy management enhancement. Digi’s X-Grid offer is fully scalable and ready for both pilots and large-scale roll-outs.

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