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Detectent Integrates Hourly Interval Reads with Behavior Models

Detectent has been able to integrate hourly interval reads into its energy usage behavior models – providing a deeper understanding of energy usage patterns based on data from utilities’ advanced metering infrastructure. Detectent’s models, when applied to more timely and granular data, enable utilities to understand how their customers use energy and empower them to provide their customers with information necessary to make informed energy usage choices.

Detectent’s energy efficiency solution leverages its database, which contains detailed, operational information on each customer segment, beyond what utilities typically have at their disposal. This information, in conjunction with advanced analytics, behavior/lifestyle modeling, and segmentation aids the utility in evaluating customers’ needs on a micro level. Pinpointing customers who are most likely to take part in a given demand response, energy efficiency or conservation offering allows the utility to customize outreach strategies, by program; thus ensuring maximum impact for each program.

In addition to customer analytics for energy efficiency programs, Detectent’s analytical model can also assist utilities in the prevention of revenue loss. Energy theft is responsible for utility losses of billions of dollars per year. It’s a serious issue with huge safety concerns, and product losses can impact earnings and the rates paid by customers.

Numerous utilities across North America are struggling with increased theft incidents, and some utilities, such as DTE Energy in Detroit, are employing intelligent analytics to help mitigate this costly and dangerous problem.

“Detectent is a good partner for DTE Energy due to their ability to analyze data sets and look for abnormalities in usage. Their ability to use data from multiple utility providers to develop patterns for groups of like businesses was especially attractive,” said Mark C. Johnson, revenue protection manager for DTE Energy. “First and foremost addressing energy theft is important to DTE due to the potential safety hazard it creates. Illegal energy usage can create safety hazards for both the location engaged in the theft and the surrounding community should an explosion or fire result.”

By complementing DTE Energy’s theft process with Detectent’s energy use modeling and peer consumption analysis, Detectent is able to assist DTE Energy on identifying theft cases that otherwise would go undetected.

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