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Demand Strong for In-Home Electricity Information Display, Says IMS

A recent U.S. and UK "Smart Home Energy Management" consumer survey from IMS Research found that over 90% of respondents wanted to be able to access and view current household electricity consumption data. When asked which devices this data should be available on, the most popular options were either via a website, or on a separate in-home display device. Other devices selected by respondents included TVs and cellular handsets. Some wanted this information display to be integrated into in-home devices themselves, to show device-level consumption data.

This presents significant opportunities for companies that already provide in-home services, such as electricity providers, cable operators and ISPs. Lisa Arrowsmith, market analyst for IMS Research, explains, “Satisfying this demand for electricity consumption data can provide a means for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors; reduce customer churn; and, in many cases, increase average revenue per user. For example, 60% of respondents who wanted electricity consumption data displayed on their TVs would be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for this service.”

This consumer survey analyzed the attitudes and expectations of 1,000 respondents (500 in the UK, and 500 in the United States) to find out their views on a variety of smart home energy management functions, including attitudes to demand response, electricity consumption data display, and willingness to pay for remote home management functions.

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