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Decatur Utilities Deploys 3-GIS Express Solutions

Decatur Utilities in Alabama has deployed 3-GIS Express Solution, an Esri-enabled full edit engineering GIS application, to manage its utility enterprise.

Decatur Utilities, providing service to more than 22,000 residential customers and 3000 businesses, recognized the need for numerous user groups, internally and externally, to achieve access to data in enterprise from different workflows. A comprehensive solution was chosen that could be seamlessly configured to the existing geodatabase, expanding not only the functionality but the administrative levels as well. 3- GIS’ Express Solution consists of the thin-client web-editing tool Network Express, the mobile solution Field Express and the configuration tool Express Conductor. Network Express is a browser-based fully functional edit application. Field Express, the field side software of 3-GIS’ mobile solution, has the ability to be deployed in a variety of mobile devices.

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