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Database Software Enhances Synchronization of Mobile and Embedded Devices

Oracle has announced the general availability of Database Lite 10g Release 3, a comprehensive solution that enables customers and partners to rapidly develop and deploy applications for mobile and embedded environments. With enhanced synchronization and increased support for a broader range of platforms, Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 3 brings mobile data management capabilities to the enterprise.

Oracle Database Lite 10g is a highly scalable, mobile solution that enables applications to run even when disconnected from the network, while periodically synchronizing to an Oracle Database server. Comprised of a Mobile Server and a mobile relational database, Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 3 helps users reliably and securely exchange data with a corporate database; enables application, device and user provisioning and provides centralized management tools. Additionally, the latest release includes automatic synchronization that enables data to be synchronized bidirectionally without user intervention, so mobile users can work seamlessly-- whether or not they are connected to the network.

"The new enhancements in Oracle Database Lite 10g reflect Oracle's dedication to offering mobile users an identical experience to their connected colleagues, when it comes to continuous data availability," said Rex Wang, vice president Embedded Product Marketing, Oracle. "Providing access to offline applications is key to helping organizations improve productivity, automate data capture and track distributed assets, which ultimately improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction."

"Oracle Database Lite was our product of choice when we integrated a mobile application running on our ruggedized laptops with Oracle E-Business Suite. The company's commitment to support our environment has been exemplary and helped DS Waters protect its investments of more than $2 million," said Bob Bramski, vice president and CIO, DS Waters, Inc. "Today we run Oracle Database Lite on more than 1000 routes, holding approximately 30MB of data with a failure rate of less than 0.5 percent. We look forward to moving to Oracle Database Lite Release 3 for the expanded platform support and enhanced synchronization, which will significantly help as we grow to the next generation of handheld devices supporting more than 2000 routes."

In addition to automatic synchronization, Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 3 now supports three additional platforms and two additional languages for stored procedures, making it easier for developers to build mobile applications. Specific enhancements and features include:

  • Client database platform support for Windows Mobile 5, Windows CE Standard SDK 5.0 and JDBC support for the Symbian platform, plus a Porting Kit for strategic Oracle partners.
  • Client database support for Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J) for the WebToGo Java development environment.
  • Support for C++ and C#/.NET stored procedures (Java stored procedures were already supported).
  • Enhanced developer tools: Mobile Server Repository Diagnostics Tool and Mobile Database Workbench Wizards.
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