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D-VAR System Enables UK Wind Farm to Meet Grid Interconnection Requirements

American Superconductor Corporation has received an order for a D-VAR voltage regulation system from Econnect Construction, a UK company specializing in grid connection for renewable energy sources. The D-VAR system will be installed in Scotland where it will provide voltage support and power factor regulation in a mixed hybrid solution designed by Econnect Construction for a 35 MW wind farm. AMSC expects to commission the D-VAR system in October 2006.

"Econnect Construction chose American Superconductor's D-VAR system in order to comply with U.K. interconnection requirements that call for dynamic voltage regulation and control," noted Paul Glendinning, managing director of Econnect Construction.

AMSC's D-VAR system will provide dynamic and steady-state voltage support for the wind farm by monitoring the voltage at the wind farm and modifying its reactive power output to meet local interconnection requirements. As part of an integrated reactive compensation solution designed by Econnect, the D-VAR system will also control static capacitors and reactors. The D-VAR solution will also help maintain voltage stability after electrical disturbances or faults that typically occur on the local grid.

"According to the British Wind Energy Association, the U.K. government has set a target for 10% of all electricity generated in 2010 to come from a renewable energy source. Wind energy is expected to be three quarters or roughly 8000 MW of the renewable energy source target," said Chuck Stankiewicz, senior vice president of AMSC Power Systems.

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