Czech Electricity Transmission System Operator Implements Situational Intelligence for Grid Visualization, Analysis

ČEPS, the operator of the electricity transmission system in the Czech Republic, has successfully deployed Situational Intelligence System Solution (called SGS) developed by Unicorn Systems. SGS provides CEPS control dispatchers with near real-time geospatial and intuitive visual analytics capabilities, enabling them to make quicker and more effective decisions in control of the electrical transmission system.

ČEPS’s mission is to ensure the reliable operation and further development of the Czech transmission system, facilitate international cooperation with regard to interconnected networks and provide transmission system users with electricity transfer, system services and non-discriminatory access to the transmission system at competitive prices. The innovative SGS system visualizes and analyzes massive volumes of data contained in Information Technology, Operations, and GIS systems across space, time and node. By providing more comprehensive, timely, and actionable insight into the operational state of the electricity system infrastructure, the system enables ČEPS to lower risk and increase transmission system reliability and safety.

In the words of Jiří Rýznar, Head of Energy Control and Information Systems Department in ČEPS, a spokesperson for ČEPS, “Using situational intelligence our dispatchers can ensure that at any given moment the generation and consumption of electricity is balanced. The software also helps us renew, maintain, and develop the transmission system, and grant to all electricity market participants, more reliable and safe access to the transmission network, subject to equal and transparent conditions.”

In the primary implementation, SGS obtains meteorological information (temperature, lightning, wind direction and force, frost, sunlight, etc.), information about failures in the transmission system, and visually overlays those on the transmission system of the Czech Republic (posts, transmission lines, distributors). The data obtained is displayed in near-real time and historical information and predictions are shown for a 48-hour period. This gives dispatchers an immediate overview of the meteorological influences on the transmission network in user-selected places and times, and makes it possible to rapidly and precisely identify failure points.

The system was developed and deployed using Space-Time Insight‘s situational intelligence software by Unicorn Systems, a strategic partner of Space-Time Insight in the Central and Eastern European region.

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