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Cyan and GridSense Team Up to Provide End-to-End Smart Grid Solutions in India

Cyan and GridSense Team Up to Provide End-to-End Smart Grid Solutions in India

Cyan has signed a teaming agreement with GridSense Inc. to jointly market smart grid solutions in India and other emerging regions that will enable utilities to accurately monitor energy distribution and consumption all the way from the distribution transformer to the meter in the consumer's home, supporting the reduction in power losses and increased revenues.

GridSense and Cyan will deliver smart grid solutions to support the reduction of Aggregate Technical and Commercial losses in India and other emerging regions. AT&C losses include technical losses in transmission and distribution as well as commercial losses caused by low metering efficiency and theft. Utilities in India have a pressing requirement to reduce these losses and have recognised the benefits that smart grid technology offers.

Cyan's smart metering platform, CyLec Advanced Metering Infrastructure, provides bidirectional communication between the customers' meter and the utility, enabling functionality such as meter reading, fault detection and tamper alerts. This enables a utility to accurately monitor the energy consumption at the meter level and take action when an issue is detected, for example disconnecting the supply until the issue has been investigated and resolved.

GridSense has developed a transformer level system, TransformerIQ®, that maximizes intelligence and minimizes costs at the power distribution level. TransformerIQ enables energy providers to monitor all potential distribution transformer failure modes and detects early warning signs including asset deterioration and illegal activity.

Using a combination of the Cyan and GridSense solutions, utility customers will be able to accurately measure consumption at the district transformer and compare this with that measured by the combined AMI meters in the same area, to detect technical problems as well as tampering and theft.

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