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Customers of Pepco Holdings to Manage Energy Use, Carbon Footprint with Aclara Software

Pepco Holdings Inc. will deploy software from Aclara, part of the Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc., to help its customers understand how they are using energy as well as how their usage affects the environment. The utility will employ Aclara’s load and rates analysis and carbon-footprint calculator modules to allow customers to view data about their electric and gas usage as well as calculate their carbon footprints.

PHI will implement the load and rates analysis module in 2009 to its Delmarva Power service area in Delaware, but plans to extend the module to all of its 1.9 million customers by 2013. The carbon footprint module will be available for all PHI customers immediately.

The load and rates analysis module provides charts that illustrate hourly and daily electric and gas use. The module takes into account attributes such as weather, average usage, weekend versus weekday usage, and on-peak or off-peak time periods. In addition, the module offers a rate-comparison calculator that allows customers to perform what-if analysis on various alternatives such as time-of-use rates. It also will estimate a customer’s bill at any time in the month based on the last bill and current data from the advanced metering infrastructure system.

The carbon-footprint calculator determines the environmental impact of customers’ usage using data they input into the system about energy, water, transportation, and waste. Both modules help educate customers, supplying the information they need to take action to reduce their bills.

The new software also will benefit customer-service representatives, who will have access to information about individual customer’s gas and electric usage during billing calls. The information will help them consistently explain billing fluctuations to customers as well as identify strategies to lower their bills.

Aclara also provides technology for PHI’s Energy Know How Solutions program. The software used today allows customers to analyze their bills and determine how specific appliances such as water heaters and air conditioning systems are affecting their energy use. In addition, the application offers tips on how to reduce energy use by replacing outmoded electrical systems and appliances.

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