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Customer Service Suite Built on SAP Solutions

For utility managers who know it's time to upgrade customer information systems but want to avoid a costly and prolonged implementation, CIBER now offers a prepackaged solution. The CIBER Customer Service Suite for Utilities is a pre-integrated CIS built on SAP technology that reduces risk, helps ensure a short, reliable implementation and delivers a set of technologies to facilitate a customer-driven operation.

All the components of the CIBER Customer Service Suite have been configured to provide a complete utility offering for IT, financial and customer service functions. Utilities gain an advantage with the CIBER Customer Service Suite, because it has been running at and adding value to a large North American utility organization for more than two years and has been tested and fine-tuned to function effectively in a utility environment.

CIBER Customer Service Suite components are preconfigured and pre-integrated to give utilities essential applications, advanced reporting and analytics. The solution includes the following SAP solutions:

  • The SAP ERP Financials application
  • SAP for Utilities solutions
  • The SAP Biller Direct application
  • The SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application
  • The SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) component
  • SAP Business Communications Management software

"What is really unique about this solution is that it is a proven system that we can implement for utilities in a matter of nine months instead of the two-year time frame that would be required for utilities starting from scratch," said Mike Catterall, CIBER vice president and practice leader for SAP solutions in North America. "There are a high percentage of utilities whose systems are outdated and not functioning well. These organizations can really benefit from the reduced cost, lower risk and shorter timelines with implementation of this solution."

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