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Copy of Cellnet Technology Aids United Illuminating in Rate Conversion

United Illuminating (New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.) recently used the Cellnet wireless fixed network AMI platform to complete rate changes for more than 31,000 time-of-use (TOU) customers across its southwest Connecticut service territory in less than 24 hours.

In deploying the rate change in one day, United Illuminating ensured that all customers received the benefits of the new rates in a uniformly rapid approach. The company gained the added benefit of cost savings conservatively estimated at more than US$1 million compared to traditional manual approaches to rate conversion.

United Illuminating leverages the Cellnet capabilities that deliver real-time, on-demand meter readings to support aggressive demand management programs designed to drive down energy prices for the customers it serves. “This rate change effort was truly a team effort by the many different groups involved both at Cellnet and United Illuminating,” remarked Guy Cattaruzza, United Illuminating’s director of revenue meter systems. “Great teamwork and the enabling technologies we have from Cellnet, SAP and SPL made this rate conversion possible in record time.”

Cellnet president and CEO Mike Zito remarked, “Cellnet customers like United Illuminating are well positioned today to face the new challenges and opportunities presented by the demand response initiatives that are increasingly taking hold across the United States and deal with them in a flexible and cost-effective manner.”

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