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Control4 Energy Systems and Lockheed Martin to Integrate Residential Energy Management

Control4 and Lockheed Martin have agreed to integrate Lockheed Martin’s SEEload Demand Response Management solution with the Control4 Energy Management System 100 (EMS 100). The integrated solution will provide a complete residential energy management solution that will give consumers greater control over their energy usage and enable utilities to deploy a flexible and secure demand response (DR) platform.

The combination will help utilities deploy residential energy solutions so consumers can manage their energy consumption and peak loads through demand response programs.

SEEload is one of Lockheed Martin’s SEEsuite Smart Grid Command and Control applications, and enables utilities and independent system operators to manage demand response events across an entire distribution network, including substations and individual feeders. SEEload provides complete DR life cycle management, including DR program definition and customer enrollment, real-time DR event management, and post-event DR analytics.

Powered by the Control4 ADVANTAGE software, the EMS 100 is designed to help utilities drive efficiency and DR programs, particularly during peak load and pricing periods. Control4 ADVANTAGE will integrate with existing DR, load management and third party advance metering initiative solutions and enable utilities to easily manage and upgrade in-home energy devices across a network of households. Analytics are at the heart of the offering and Control4 ADVANTAGE analyzes in-home usage data to provide the utility’s load management system the information needed to optimize demand response and energy efficiency programs.

In the home, the EMS 100 includes an in-home energy controller, the Control4 EC-100, and a ZigBee HA wireless thermostat, the Control4 WT-100. With Control4 ADVANTAGE, Control4’s EMS 100 empowers consumers with real-time information about their energy usage and costs. Coupled with intelligent automation and control of ZigBee HA thermostats and other smart devices throughout the house, the EMS 100 is designed to drive further savings for homeowners. By delivering a new standard for consumer engagement, Control4 can secure broader participation in efficiency and demand response programs, facilitating a network effect across thousands of households, for maximum impact.

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