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Consumers Energy Chooses EnergyAxis For Smart Grid Field Pilot

Consumers Energy, a major Michigan utility, has selected Elster's EnergyAxis Smart Grid solution as part of a pilot program to evaluate cutting edge smart grid technologies.

Consumers Energy plans to install Elster's EnergyAxis residential and commercial smart meters as part of its smart grid pilot program this spring and plans to use the results of that program to help shape its future smart grid investment decisions.

EnergyAxis enables utilities to:

  • Realize operational efficiencies.
  • Implement demand response programs that can conserve resources and reduce costs, especially during periods of peak demand.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Reduce outage response and repair time.
  • Provide real-time information to end consumers to allow them to better manage their energy consumption.
  • Conserve environmental and economic resources by reducing the loss of electricity, gas and water as they move from the supply source to homes and businesses.

In addition to the pilot program, Consumers Energy's Smart Services Learning Center (SSLC) also is testing a variety of Elster Smart Grid technologies. Located at the utility's Jackson Service Center, the SSLC includes a 2,500 square-foot facility that tests and demonstrates how smart grid technology will improve service and convenience for consumers and can help them conserve energy and save money.

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