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Constellation NewEnergy Online Management System to Help Customers Manage, Reduce Electricity Costs

Constellation NewEnergy has introduced a powerful online management system to help customers analyze and reduce electricity usage and spending.

Constellation NewEnergy Online can be customized to accommodate users of all size. When matched with advanced metering equipment, for example, the CNE Online Premium edition will provide up-to-date data from multiple locations to meet the needs of large power users. A standard version will provide even the smallest business customers with many of the tools available to full-time energy managers.

"In a climate of rising fuel and power prices it's critical business users have a detailed and sophisticated view of how they purchase and consume electricity," said Clem Palevich, president, Constellation NewEnergy. "Constellation NewEnergy Online will make any power user smarter about their spending and usage and that's the first step in managing and reducing energy costs."

Constellation NewEnergy Online features budget and forecasting tools that collect and analyze usage based on a variety of criteria. Customers can set price alerts, forecast spending based on fixed or variable rates, and stay up to date on the latest industry news and regulations.

A problem-solving program in the Premium version allows energy managers to analyze costs based on a number of "what if" variables. For example, managers can run reports that accurately forecast how energy costs will be affected if efficiency is increased and usage reduced. They can also create scenarios that weigh the benefits of fixed and variable rates. All data can be matched to a customer's internal budget and billing cycle, instead of a standard monthly utility bill.

"With rising fuel costs, many utilities and energy retailers are adding value-added products and services that help customers manage their usage," said Jon T. Brock, chief operating officer of industry analyst firm UtiliPoint International, Inc. "Constellation New Energy is taking proactive steps to offer this online service to its customers to assist them in managing and reducing costs for electricity."

Constellation NewEnergy Online is particularly helpful in determining "power quality," a priority for customers who need to know if electrical equipment, such as a large motor or pump, is running as efficiently as possible. It can isolate sags and swells in power usage by location, alerting plant and building operators of potential malfunctions.

"Even very large power users sometimes mistakenly believe their electric bill is just that...a bill they must pay and have little influence over," said Palevich. "Energy customers today have far more tools and options available than they may realize, from shaping load usage to buying from a competitive supplier...they can manage electricity the way they manage the rest of their business."

Constellation NewEnergy Online's web-based software is simple to install and manage and available at a low fee, based on a customer's overall MW usage.

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