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Constellation NewEnergy Launches Real-Time Energy Management Product

Constellation NewEnergy has launched its new energy management product, VirtuWatt, a unique combination of hardware and online applications that allows customers to manage and optimize electricity usage in real time and lower their energy bills by reducing consumption during peak pricing periods.

VirtuWatt uses a combination of hardware and online applications that function as an intuitive, user-friendly, easily accessible energy management system. Using the VirtuWatt online dashboard, customers can track current energy usage, usage trends and current market values. VirtuWatt users can take advantage of this real-time information in a variety of ways:

  • Pinpoint opportunities to shift operations to lower cost energy periods
  • Simplify participation in grid-managed load response programs by eliminating the manual processes historically required to participate in and comply with these programs
  • Bid usage reductions directly into the ISO markets for energy and ancillary services to be compensated for shedding load.

VirtuWatt provides immediate usage data—as opposed to the historic view on a traditional monthly utility bill—that provides customers with the information they need to make instantaneous operational decisions.

VirtuWatt is only available to Constellation Energy customers. Constellation Energy provides and installs the hardware necessary to participate in the VirtuWatt program.

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