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Connecticut Utility Implements NetVal for OMS

Enspiria Solutions, Inc.'s Network Validation (NetVal) Solution has been selected as the cornerstone of the data migration component for an Outage Management System (OMS) project for The United Illuminating Company, a Connecticut-based electric distribution utility company. The NetVal Solution is a tool for improving the assessment of data quality and reducing the time required to remediate data issues.

“This solution has been an integral component of the data migration process. The NetVal Solution generates a sophisticated set of reports that identify and isolate specific data issues along a circuit. First the solution reads the entire network data model. Then, using that information, it performs various network tracing and validation tasks where it can identify the likely cause or source of an issue,” said Jim Savino, program manager at Enspiria Solutions. “So NetVal not only tells you that the data is incorrect, it also indicates where the likely cause of the abnormal condition resides. That information has resulted in significant time and cost savings for the client.”

“The NetVal Solution was so effective during the data cleanup and migration process that we decided to integrate it with the automated data update process into the OMS. With NetVal as part of the process, we can ensure that the GIS data is operationally complete prior to committing the updates to the OMS. ” said Bill Ostrum, UI’s Restoration Manager. “Enspiria Solutions has provided a superior solution to a complex problem.”

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