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Con Edison Selects Siemens and TIBCO to Provide Smart Grid Integration

Siemens Smart Grid division and TIBCO Software Inc. will provide smart grid enterprise integration services to Consolidated Edison for a smart grid demonstration project. The project is a result of Con Edison Co. of New York receiving funding for the smart grid demonstration project from the Department of Energy through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus program.

Siemens and TIBCO will provide a fully integrated and secure smart grid solution for Con Edison using standards-based software and technologies. Con Edison is looking to improve smart grid reliability and provide customers with greater visibility, flexibility and value; enhance control capabilities for existing smart grid assets and manage daily system peaks via demand response; and determine how to best apply developing technologies.

With TIBCO’s enterprise messaging technology, Con Edison gains a scalable, interoperable integration framework that enables the real-time flow of information across deployed assets for enhanced decision making capabilities to maintain a healthy power infrastructure. In addition to TIBCO’s technologies, Siemens will deliver its smart grid visualization capabilities, providing a lightweight, browser-based user interface.

“New York is home to one of the most critical finance infrastructures in the world and the most pervasive big building management systems,” says Murat Sonmez, executive vice president, Global Field Operations, TIBCO. “The ability to use real-time data to manage system assets, detect early warning signs and act immediately to resolve potential problems before they occur, is necessary to maintain predictable power and help keep businesses running.”

Implementation of the Smart Grid integration solution began in August 2011. The project is estimated to be completed in May 2013.

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