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Con Edison Adds Tools to Energy Efficiency Program

Con Edison has added APOGEE’s online tools to its website as part of its “The Power of Green” campaign, to help customers evaluate their energy use and find ways to save on their energy costs. APOGEE Interactive is energy analysis software for utilities in the United States.

Con Edison’s customers can now visit their “Energy Toolkit” to find answers to their energy questions. With a few inputs, the HomeEnergyCalculator in the kit accurately analyzes their home’s energy use and makes recommendations for savings. The tool kit also features a variety of specialized calculators that allow customers to run “what if” scenarios on their use of lighting, appliances, TVs, and thermostat settings to see how much can be saved by making simple lifestyle changes.

“We recently began an energy efficiency campaign that offers our customers tips for saving energy,” said Customer Outreach Advocate Moses Awekey. “These tools take our program to that next step – showing our customers the dollar value of energy efficiency. When they can see the effects on their bill, they will be more likely to make those recommended changes.”

APOGEE’s BillingInsights option within the toolkit explores energy use even more, answering questions such as, “Why did my bill change?” and “What are the largest and smaller energy users in my home?” Powered by APOGEE’S RESNET accredited analysis system, the complex module incorporates local weather with home construction standards and automatically integrates with the customer billing data to produce a personalized energy report.

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