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Comverge Upgrades Energy Management Software

Comverge, Inc. has released the latest version of its first-generation demand response management system, Apollo Version 1.2. Promoting greater customer access to information and enhancements for all customer classes, Version 1.2 is a more extensive and feature-rich demand response platform for utilities and their customers, empowering them to better understand their energy usage, control costs and promote grid reliability.

Apollo Version 1.2 features greater demand response functionality, including customer recruitment tracking and analysis tools, customer notification tools and customer performance analysis for commercial and industrial customers. These enhancements give utilities further insight into customer performance and operations by providing the ability to measure energy usage and efficiency savings in real-time. In addition to added C&I demand response functions, Version 1.2 also offers:

  • a new C&I portal for multi-location customers.
  • an improved residential portal with additional programming features for smart thermostats.
  • improved reporting functionality for operations on 2-way communications networks.
  • tighter integration with communication network solutions from Digi International and the Dia Platform.
  • extended customer service functionality to show status and operational history of 2-way devices.
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