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Comverge, Kyocera Collaborate on Under-Glass Automated Meter Reading Gateway

Kyocera Wireless Corp. and Comverge have announced their collaboration on the Comverge Maingate S4e endpoint, Comverge's first under-glass automated meter reading (AMR) gateway to integrate the Kyocera 200 Module, enabling cost-effective, real-time CDMA wireless data communication for electric utility applications. Designed to replace existing commercial or industrial meters, the Comverge Maingate S4e endpoint achieves wireless network certification. It has been approved for use with the four largest CDMA carriers in North America.

Developed jointly by Comverge and Landis +Gyr, the Maingate S4e endpoint uses the scalable and flexible Kyocera 200 Module to enable real-time communication while leveraging the CDMA wireless network and reducing ongoing maintenance and operations costs as AMR systems evolve and expand over time. As the number of installed endpoints grows, each Maingate S4e endpoint can be easily and remotely upgraded from circuit-switched (CST) and packet assembly/disassembly (PAD) modes to the more robust and cost-effective multiple message service. This ultimately saves money by reducing the wireless air-time consumed by up to 50% as it enhances the endpoint's speed and reliability. Suitable for commercial and industrial complexes, the Maingate S4e's rugged design remotely monitors and manages internal temperature to ensure a lifecycle of more than 15-years.

"With the Kyocera 200 Module Maingate S4e endpoint integration, Comverge customers get a robust and sophisticated AMR solution that is easily tailored to meet the specific needs of different service territories," said Dean Fledderjohn, general manager of the M2M division at Kyocera Wireless Corp. "Utility companies have readily embraced CDMA AMR systems because of their broad network coverage, superior data capabilities and appropriate operator service plans. The Maingate S4e provides these companies with a much-anticipated, easy-to-deploy solution for remote energy management."

By leveraging Comverge's PowerCamp End-to-End Energy Intelligence software solution with the Maingate S4e endpoints, utility customers can view usage data in real time via a web interface and respond immediately to power quality and outage alarms. Together, the products are powerful tools to support voluntary load-control programs, remote meter reading, price-responsive programs, time-of-use billing, distributed-generation monitoring, outage notification and more. The endpoint also allows customers to reduce ongoing maintenance and operation costs through the use of the optical port and LCD interface for programming.

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