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Comverge, Itron Collaboration Further Advances the Smart Grid

Comverge Inc. and Itron have announced the integration of Comverge's Web-based demand management platform, Apollo, and OpenWay, the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution from Itron, enabling interactive, two-way communication between the utility and its customer, a significant step toward the smart grid.

This integration will enable utilities investing in AMI to expand energy efficiency and demand response programs. Leveraging the OpenWay infrastructure, Apollo allows utilities to communicate with energy management devices to perform demand response events and send and receive price and rate signals. The integration will aid in reducing strain on the electric grid during times of peak demand and help customers manage their energy costs.

The Comverge/Itron integration operates with the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile within the home area network (HAN), allowing for seamless communication between utility and any in-home device in real-time, without the need for a broadband connection.

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