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ComEd Smart Meters Certified by UL

Residential smart meters produced by GE and being installed by ComEd across its service territory have received UL certification. These are the first smart meters in the world to receive this safety designation.

Earlier this year, UL published the Standard for Safety for Electric Utility Meters. This safety standard contains requirements for electric shock, fire, mechanical and radio-frequency (RF) emissions aspects of all residential electric utility meters, including smart meters, and is the foundation for both the UL product safety certification service and the product safety testing service. The GE smart meters meet this rigorous standard.

“ComEd was the first utility to require a UL certification for its smart meters and its customers – and the GE team clearly set the standard globally,” said Lisa Salley, Vice President and GM, Energy and Industrial Systems, UL. “Since it is a voluntary standard, the collaboration with ComEd, GE and UL signals a strong commitment to going above and beyond to help ensure the safety of smart meters for consumers and to raise the bar for the global marketplace.”

ComEd launched full deployment of smart meters last year with 70,000 meters. The utility recently announced that it would seek regulatory approval for accelerated deployment of smart meters to its 4 million customers – three years ahead of the current schedule.

Advanced meters being installed across Exelon utilities, have undergone independent analysis and testing for safety. In addition, manufacturers of other meters that will be installed in the future also are pursuing UL certification.

Customers can benefit from smart meters to access information on their individual energy consumption and costs on a 24/7 basis. By using "My Energy Tools" at ComEd.com, for example, customers can see their usage from the prior day, on an hour-by-hour basis, helping them make informed decisions about the overall and timing of use of appliances and other electrical devices.

The certified smart meters are made in America at GE’s Somersworth, NH, facility. As previously announced, GE will launch a new manufacturing center in Chicago specifically to develop and deliver additional UL certified meters for ComEd.

My Energy Tools Customer Video

CommonwealthEdison wrote: There's a new set of online tools available for ComEd customers that can help you save energy and money. Let Kim from ComEd introduce you to this innovative new offering.

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