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Colorado Springs Utilities to Implement ArcFM Viewer. Redliner Extension

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), a community-owned and operated utility providing electric, water, wastewater, and natural gas services to its population of more than 600,000 metered customers, has selected Miner & Miner's ArcFM Viewer and Redliner Extension as their mobile solution for viewing and redlining spatial information in the field.

CSU is continually looking for new ways to increase customer service and value. The implementation of ArcFM Viewer-which runs on ArcGIS Engine-and the Redliner extension will increase functionality and data access across the organization as well as ensure low rates, increase customer satisfaction, improve system reliability, and support its commitment to safety.

For several years CSU has been using ArcFM, with some customized editing functionality, in each of its service lines to meet specific business requirements for asset and facility management. With 2000 employees and thousands of field observations made every day, it became essential to have a user-friendly markup method that would allow integration back into the enterprise. Prior to using ArcFM Viewer and the Redliner Extension, the organization used digital map books for asset and facility viewing, but field workers remained constrained by limited functionality. With the new applications, they will have the ability to quickly pan, zoom, query, and redline, which will increase cartographic and attribute accuracy.

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