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ClickSoftware Unites Utility Industry Executives Worldwide at Two Executive Summits

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd., a provider of workforce and service optimization solutions to the utilities industry, in keeping with its tradition of providing knowledge and expertise to the industries it serves, will be holding summits for utility industry executives in both North America and Europe in May.

The summits, which will bring together executives from across the United States and Europe, will be led by Dr. Moshe BenBassat, founder and CEO of ClickSoftware, and will feature presentations from both utility industry experts and the attendees peers in other organizations. Presenters at the European summit, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, include Simon White of Anglian Water Services and Peter Daley of Accenture.

Presenters at the North American summit, taking place in Marietta, Georgia, include David Legge of Terasen Gas, Jill Feblowitz of Energy Insights, and David Rouls of Accenture.

"In line with our vision of leading service businesses to excellence, we have created a unique forum for utility executives to network with peers and draw best practices from a large base of industry expertise," said Hannan Carmeli, COO of ClickSoftware. "Our executive summits, which were launched in 2004, are exclusive events providing content that is critically important for anyone involved in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of a field service operation."

Accenture is a sponsor of both the North American and European events. Full details for each event visit:

European Summit: http://www.clicksoftware.com/events/Executive-Utility-Summit.asp

United States Summit: http://www.clicksoftware.com/events/Executive-Utility-Summit2.asp

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